Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I met a social-networking milestone yesterday, my 100th tweet and my 20th blog! What a great day! However, why has it taken me from March 2009 until now to get 100 tweets, and why did it take me until Feburary 2011 to get a blog, when I was doing a journalism course from 2007?

It is probably because, especially with Twitter, I didn't understand how I wanted to use it. I would go on spells of trying to use it and trying to think of things to say on it. Then I would get bored and go back to the warmth and comfort of Facebook.
In fact I am probably one of the few people who had Facebook before Myspace. I resisted them both for a long time. A mate made me a facebook and basically said: "You can use it or I will use it to take the piss out of you." My hands were tied, I had to cave in. I have found uses for it. I keep in touch with the friends I met in America through it. It is a great tool to keep people who live far away, close together.
Also with the blog I had ummed and ahhhed about it for sometime, not sure what I wanted to write about or, at the time, would I have time to write anything. I recently saw a blog that kept popping up on my news feed. It annoyed me, because I would be inclined to read it, but it was rubbish. One day while bored I thought I would have a pop, discussed it with my mate Dave, and we both decided to take a plunge into the icey waters of blogging. (Dave's interesting and fantastically random blog, well worth a read.)
And I haven't turned back, I have been bunging pointless tosh on here ever since. Such a great forum for opinion and anecdotes. Well thats all I use it for.
Anyway once I paired the blog with the Twitter, it clicked. Its not just statuses, its about sharing information for the greater good, or a bit of a laugh. I heard about the recent Japanese earthquake through it, I saw the Hitler house through it. Basically any news storie over the last few weeks I have gathered from Twitter.
So I finally got involved, I have hit 100 tweets and will probably hit 100 more. Well unless the next social network site comes along.

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