Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Search for a Name

I was confronted with a challenge today. A challenge I have tackled a few times before, most of the time ultimately failing. Still, it was a challenge I took up kind heartedly, mostly because I didn't have to live with the consequences. That challenge? Thinking of a band name.
It all came about because the band I have been temping for (alluded to in this here blog) got offered their first gig. Congratulations you may feel! However this has caused them problems. Yours truly has left now, so couldn't careless what the name is. They need the name or they lose the gig, so I said I would help.
Now my past experience with thinking of these names hasn't been the best. The first band I was ever in (which never took off the ground) was called 'Absolute Pirate', after typing 'Pirate' into a random band name generator. My next effort was 'The Fridge Freezers', a band name that came to me after a trip to Currys with my Dad. We did play about 3 gigs under that name, and got ridiculed severely and changed it to King Simian. The greatest achievement in the band names stakes has been in a metal band I was briefly involved with called 'Journey Through Chaos', a fine example of a name in that genre and inspired by a quote from A level History about Stanley Baldwin or David Lloyd George's time in government. (Can't remember which. Sorry, sir)
However, it had been a while since I had done this, but I was given a criteria, 'Bluesy Southern American States and that'. Great! So I loaded up this and went for it.
The names I came up with were:
Oklahoma Wind Farm
Arizona Snakebite
Nevada Sunset
Johnston State
Kansas Kings
Missouri Mop Bucket
Corpus Christi
Sierra Vista
Thief River Falls
Thunder Bay
Medicine Hat
Now my personals favourites were Reno, Tallahassee, Thunder Bay and Medicine Hat. None of these, fit the bill.
Its difficult enough to think of a name that you are happy with, a name that four other people are happy with are near on impossible. Its got to be easily read, memorable, and have a hint of showing what you music is about, its most peoples first impression of your band, so it is very important.
So whats the name they plumped for? Who knows? The front runner is Velvet Crows. Yeah, cheers lads because that sounds like a American City.

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