Saturday, 2 April 2011

Missing the Music!

Thursday was the day that the news filtered through that one of my all time favourite bands, The Music, broke up. They announced they are doing 5 more gigs, none of which I can go to. I am gutted. This was probably the first time a band I genuinely cared about had a broke up. I wasn't sure quite how to feel.

The thing about The Music, is what play is exactly what I want from a song. Fast sixteenths on the high-hat, booming and powerful basslines used as an impact instrument, guitar riffs that make you want to dance, and that voice. (If you, by some minor miracle, haven't heard of them, try some of my favourites Take the long road, Freedom Fighters and The Spike)
Although its not just the songs that had an effect on me. The Music represent to me a time in my life where I was happy. I was 18, in a band, out every week, my football team was doing well, I was doing a university course I liked, everything clicked into place for me. I felt like I was king. Things have changed since then. I have left that band. I have been away and come back again a number of times. I have left education. One thing still remains, when I am out and about and I hear any of their songs, I am straight to the dance floor (sober or not) and feel the rush and excitement that I used to feel when I was 18, when everything was right.
So this is a brief account and tribute to a top class and hugely underrated band. Long live The Music! They helped shape me as a musician (if I can call myself that), they helped brighten up otherwise dull nights out. Most importantly they helped shape me as a person. All good things must come to an end, but they never come to an end in quite the poetic way you picture it.

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