Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ice Hockey - The UK's Perfect Sport?

Well today is the start of the much fabled NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, where we shall see the best in the world put their skills to the test to win the ultimate prize in Ice Hockey. I, for one, is hoping that the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins will be triumphant!
This got me onto thinking, why isn't Ice Hockey more popular in Britain?

Ice Hockey is a fast paced game with lots of hard hits, skill and goals. It also allows fighting! Now how this game doesn't play into the palms of the British sports fan, I will never know.
Every Football and Rugby fan I know wants to see games played at a high-tempo, they want to see crunching tackles, they want to see goals, and they are up off their seat when a 'handbags at dawn' scuffle breaks out on the pitch. Yet they dismiss Ice Hockey as a bit of a joke.Everyone I have taken to watch it has loved it, very much a spectator sport.
Some may argue about access to the game, what with them being played in America at 1am, which is fair enough, but little did they know that we have a league of our own. The Elite Ice Hockey League is one of the most improved hockey leagues in the world, and it continues to improve. The Grand Final was played in front of a sell out crowd at Nottingham's National Ice Centre, and featured a fantastic game, with the Nottingham Panthers beating the Cardiff Devils 5-4 (which I mentioned about here). It is also cheap, well cheaper than the Premiership and even the Championship.
So if you are sick of muli-million pound footballers who cant be arsed to kick a ball about, then give Ice Hockey a try, I will guarentee you will get a fast-paced 100% committed game, that, if you let it, you might actually enjoy! All for half the price.

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