Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Procrastination - defined in psychology as 'the act of replacing high-priority actions with low-priority actions, thus putting important tasks off until a later date. (According to the font of all knowledge Wikipedia)
I am a sufferer of procrastination, I have even procrastinated in the writing of this article about procrastination. Why? Why do I put things off until the deadline is very close.

I first started thinking about procrastination today, when a website (suite101) that I applied for months ago, contacted me with an email which, in a round about way, said why haven't you written owt.
Now the reason I hadn't written owt was first I haven't really had anything of real deep and meaningful interest to write about since I signed up and second because I thought I must get round to that, procrastinated, and then didn't do it.
Then I got an idea and set off to write it, an article which, when my mind was focussed, would have taken about an hour, in fact took most of the day. This is because of facebook, twitter, sports scores, wrestlers retiring, taxi drivers striking in Boro town centre, and this here blog. all got in the way. I have been in touch with people I haven't spoke to in ages. All hold no relevance, but all got put before the article I was writing.
I have done this since I was at college, but never thought why? Am I part of the short attention span generation? Is it the internet that is to blame?  Am I just lazy?
Probably a bit of everything if were honest, the need to be doing something fun instead of something boring. That reasoning would hold up if it what I was writing today was an essay or an assignment and had a deadline. It wasn't though, it was an article I was doing for fun which I had been gently pushed towards. No deadline. No pressure. Yet I still procrastinated. Something tells me I won't be making the thousands a month the website claims.
Anyway I hope you enjoy my article (Insert link here when published, or in fact, if ever published) and I am now of to do, err, something else.

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