Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Eternal Struggle of the Multi-Sports Fan

Hello there, I am Sam and I am a sportsaholic (and possibly very borderline alcoholic), I freely admit this. I give up a lot of time to watch sport live and on TV. (As I write this I have an eye on St. Johnstone v Hearts game.) There is nothing that annoys me more than when sports clash, and in this case I have a very major (for me) clash in my schedule.

Now for a bit of background. A few years ago I used to go and watch my local ice hockey team, the Billingham Bombers, without fail every week. I love hockey, it was cheap, local and fun, and certainly gave a welcome change from a struggling Middlesbrough side at the time.
Then my love affair with this team was cut short, as the Billingham Forum, the ice rink, decided to embark on a 2 year renovation of the ice. This meant that the team was forced to fold.
In the time that the Bombers were away, I have found a new sporting pursuit on a Sunday evening, NFL nights at my mate Ste's house. We have a good laugh and even a fantasy league, the Doritos Challenge! As well as skirmishes to the NFL Wembley game! (I am going this year, and yes there will be a blog)
I got my hockey fix, by occasionally going up to Whitley Bay to watch Newcastle Vipers when the Boro were away from home.
Now the picture has changed, Billingham has a team again, the Stars, and they play on Sunday nights. Now fair play to them, not wanting to try and compete with Middlesbrough FC and simply be something on the side. Great idea. Yet this clashes with my NFL schedule.
So I now don't know where I stand. I want to do both. I love hockey and the NFL. To make it worse is the seasons finish at the same time! So I go from 2 things that clash to nothing at all to fill my Sunday evenings!
In my confusion I want to gather your opinions. Shot a comment on what I should do, hockey or football, or if you can figure out a cool way that I can do both. Your help for my very important (yet someone pointless and odd) dilemma would be very appreciated!

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