Monday, 12 September 2011

Flipping Football

The NFL is back!! After all the scary will they, wont they that we all endured this offseason, its back and back with a bang! However I have been on both sides of the coin in this opening week of football.

The first side was a joyful display of offensive prowess, Green Bay and New Orleans certainly did not disappoint in their Thursday night battle which had you guessing right until the end who was going to win it. Green Bay got off to an amazing start and anybody who thought the old ‘Superbowl hangover’ would kick in to the Cheeseheads, they have another thing coming. I have not seen a more complete football team throughout this entire opening weekend. Considering that they have barely practiced, that’s quite the feat.
New Orleans certainly weren’t there to be beat however, they came out to win, and if it wasn’t for some mistakes early on, then they could have quite easily won it! They battled hard towards the end of the game and when Drew Brees finally got into his stride then he looked unstoppable.
I love it when a game is built up like this one, and it delivers, the 42-34 scoreline shows just how attacking a game it was, a real treat to start the season.
The other side of the coin, however, was extreme disappointment! I happened to be in the wonderful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, all ready to watch my beloved Steelers hand out some pain to Baltimore Ravens. All the preparations were  made, shirt was on, TV on the go, and even ‘lucky’ nachos were made especially for the big game. Its a shame the Steelers were not quite so prepared.
They didn’t look good at all. They looked rusty and unsure of themselves and I haven’t seen so many missed coverages from a Steeler team in a long time, in fact ever!
It just wasn’t Steeler football, didn’t establish the run, didn’t pressure Joe Flacco who had enough time to have a cup of tea or a beer before throwing the ball. Also if this is going to be the form of married good guy Ben, then bring back single rapey Ben, at least we got to Superbowls.
Fair enough it’s the first game after a lock out, there is bound to be rust, but surely the Ravens would be rusty as well, but that simply wasn’t the case.
So my starry eyed excitement is over with a bump, we are now in the thick of it, bring on the rest of the season and please bring on a better Steelers performance forever more.

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