Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Smashed in a Sorority Situation!

OK so I am not really one to blog about nights out. Frankly the less said about them the better normally. However last night I received a request from somebody I met on my trek to being pissed who said I should write something about the whole situation of sororities. So I am trying to oblige.
So to start the whole frat and sororities thing (if you don't know what they are, heres wikipedia) is somewhat alien to me. Until yesterday I had had 2 dealings with those organisations. I didn't get into a frat party in Hartford because they were being less than helpful and very particular about who they let in! And I went to a sorority house in Minnesota after a night out to use the bathroom which resulted in me being chased around the house by three girls as apparently I wasn't allowed in there. So I had a reason to be somewhat suspicious as to how these work.
Until last night, where I was set the daunting task of meeting like 50 people all at once. Luckily I was welcomed and made to feel part of it all, and from the sorority president, no less, I was asked to write something.
So the thing that strikes me about this whole thing is the amount of rules. For example, everyone must purchase the same T Shirt, and freshman girls are not allowed to be in the same room as the others until they have joined. As one lovely girl said to me: "Sororities are not the land of the free."
Just to mention, I can't say the names of the frats and sororities or the Virginia based college due to the threat of 'National Probation', scary I know.
However if you conform and be open minded to the rules, the rest of it becomes pretty fun! I was greeted into a room of around 20 girls, all dressed in white, and handed a pink pantydropper, which was incredible. Then I wandered across to the next party which was all 4 houses away in a secluded little area full of frat and soroity houses. Now these lads had most definitely pushed the boat out! The walls were draped with white, and they had a UV light all ready for their white party. I wasn't totally prepared myself, so I rocked up wearing a pair jeans and my white Pittsburgh Pirates shirt, classy!
So all round I drank a bottle of rum (yo ho ho) and got pretty blackout drunk, until the cops showed up, a fitting end to every American party I feel. The boys from American Pie would be proud.
So I am sure that when this was requested it was expected that it would be an in depth account, little do they know this isn't how I work. As for frats and sororities, still don't know if I would join, but I know for a fact, they throw one hell of a party.

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