Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Drunk Duke

Now it has come to my attention recently, well not really recently, that alcohol is awesome! Also that I, very occasionally, can be awesome with alcohol.

Now I am 22, and I have grown up in Teesside, of course I like a drink, or 7. Its in our blood, literally! Also this isn't the first time I have told brilliant stories, such as this, about my drunken escapades on this blog!
However to prove this further , I recently, whilst spectacularly drunk, solved the problem that has been a constant theme throughout this blog, and for those that know me, throughout my life in the last year. I got a job!
Yes all those sticking in CVs, writing cover letters and recieving rejection emails didn't work for me! I simply got smashed and chatted to a mate.
So there is a story to tell it seems, so here goes.
It started out as a Tuesday, I had gone into to Middlesbrough to be productive and drop CVs at various retail outlets. Along the way, and it seems to becoming slightly more common a sight in town, I saw a man knocked off his bike and threatened, and two lads booting off and trying to fight.
This was all a little stressful (or thats how I justified it to myself) so I was in need of that liquid refreshment that only the wondeful Southfield (in all its glory, how I have missed that place) pub could offer me! So after dropping into university to get some free stuff, I nipped in to my safe haven. Now after having one pint, I was enjoying the time to reflect on my own so I decided to get another. I was only a few sips in and I saw my mate Ste walk in.
He convinced me to go out on the night, and to cut a long story short and I didn't leave the Southfield untl about 11pm to head over to Mixtape. After walking into Mixtape, having acquired some more friends and going on a minor scouting mission, I hit the vodka. Then there is a gap and I am chatting to my friend Emily for about an hour on the phone while walking back to Ste's.
I wake up the next day, and amongst revelations of me chatting to two blokes who I still don't know the identity of, walking off on my own more than once, and making a shark like move across the dancefloor, to find a text in my phone saying 'Send Aaron a CV!'
I must admit I had no idea why this was there, but I chased it up anyway, knowing that my mate Aaron was there the night before and has his own internet company.
Well it was for him, and I had spent sometime in my state chatting myself into a job.
Now I don't know what was said, I can't remember it happening, and frankly I don't care! I have a job!
(As a side note, if you need any web hosting or any website things check this out!)
So it just goes to show, alcohol can set things up that even the soberist people couldn't dream of. Drink more and be better for it I say!

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