Friday, 22 July 2011

I Have Found the Dream! It's in my Pocket!

Once again apologises for being a slow blogger! I am currently working at a place that must not be named in the United States. I am struggling to find the time to get things written. This will be rectified in a matter of months I promise!
During this time I was fortunate to, I feel, discover something that has eluded many writers, including the great Hunter S Thompson; the American Dream!

It crept up on me, much like in all these fabled tales. I wandered into a house up in the Vermont hills, with a pool, basketball and tennis court, armed with a 30 rack of Miller Lite and a keg of Twisted Tea. I was already 4 bottles up on Twisted Tea on the entry point. What I had let myself in for was one of the best night and days of my life.
All the elements were there; plenty of booze, great friends with an attitude that would only promote partying and alcohol abuse, and the perfect, most beautiful venue.
The party raged well into the night with not a harsh word said and everything taken in fun and banter. To round it all off the night was completed by being in the intimate company of a stunning blonde bombshell, with quite the exciting personality to boot. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world!
The morning after, where many would be nursing wounds and embarrassment from the night before, we were raging hard again, soaking in the scorching sun and chilling by the pool. Nobody ashamed of the previous nights activities and just as fun and hilarious.
I have never felt so at ease in my life. I was sharing time with people who were thrown straight into the mixing tin and we all getting along and loving life together. Counting our blessings we weren’t with people worse and that, for the one day at least, we were away from any problems that life had dealt us.
So this may not be as deep as many writer's American Dream. However, I feel this will be about as close as I will ever get to experiencing anything like it. To be honest, is this is all the American Dream is, I can see why so many people want to find it!

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