Wednesday, 15 June 2011

All the Cool Kids Are the Doing It!

First of all I must start with an apology, I am have been lazy and slack! I haven't blogged for nearly 2 weeks. I must be honest it is not going to get better from here. The reason I have been slack is because I have been fiddling with another blog I just set up (The Travel Tavern) and I am now over the Atlantic Ocean in the wonderful USA! To keep my anonymity and I am contractually obliged not to say where I am. All I can say is that I am working as a sports coach on a camp.
Now this leads me into thinking, peer pressure it gets pretty bad press.

Let me set the scene, as part of my job I was asked to entertain. I ended up doing a PG version of 'The Full Monty'. It was terrifying but great fun! This isn't the first time I have done dumb stuff like this. I went bungee jumping due to the magical powers of peer pressure!
Now when people speak of peer pressure its almost always for the bad reasons, the drug deaths, the accidental suicides, the strive for popularity amongst young people today.
What isn't said is the fact that positive peer pressure can be the catalyst to great things.
Some of my greatest life experiences have come from that extra little nudge from my friends, my peers. I have been pushed into zones that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but I have got through it and become better for it.
Bungee jumping, entertaining dances on pool sides in Las Vegas, and countless other stories and all attributed to peer pressure.
So I say all hail peer pressure and its ability to shape and create amazing memories. Thank you very much.

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