Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Glass Case of Emotion

So many of you might be picking up on the fact that my last few posts have been reflective, philosophical and, dare I say it, a bit soppy. Well there are a number of reasons for this, the first being that I am going through an emotional time at the moment, which I will go on to explain later. The second reason is that I am working at a camp (that I am contractually obliged not to name) so I am pretty much locked off from any real sports or music news, like I only recently found out that the NFL was out of the lock out (reaction to come later). So I am struggling for things to write about.

Anyway my emotional rollercoaster was the subject so I should probably get back to it. It has become a rollercoaster as I have the highs of meeting new people and bonding with them, to the low lows of losing them again. I even met a wonderful person 2 weeks ago, and got to the point where I would comfortably call her one of my best friends, and she took the time to write me a letter to say the same, before losing her yesterday.
This is the interesting thing about the camp experience is that you can get to know someone in 2 weeks the same as you would know them for 2 years in the real world. You will know their ins and outs and more than a few of their stories, as well as together making some of your own along the way.  Possibly it’s because the amount you are on top of each other here when you are working. However, when that period of time is over, they leave, possibly never to see them again. It is really awful to see one of your good friends go, and you are left with an open cavity somewhere deep down that only that one person can fill.
I would be lucky enough to say that I have a few people I would call best friends, and many of them will be from having this experience. It also seems that I am adding to them, I feel as though I have added 4 in just this summer, who in our own way I have become very close with. However this just gives me more relationships to maintain and more time apart from people you are close with, not that I would change them for the world.
Someone once said to me that a fact of life is that you have some friends only to drift apart and make some more. This I disagree with, for a start one of my best mates I have known for 11 years; it takes time and effort but these things can be maintained and I do my upmost in time and money to see people wherever and whenever possible. I can’t be everywhere at once and it pains me that I have to spend such time apart from those that I genuinely love.
So I taken some lows recently, and there will be more to come along the way, but I take the massive high to know that I maybe made a difference to them and I was privileged enough for them to make a difference to me.

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