Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back in the Real World...Sort of!

Hello again. I'm back. Not back in the sense of blogger status (I have tried my best to get stuff over the course of my time in the States) but more in the sense that I have left the weird and kooky bubble of camp counselling behind. However, I am still not at home, I am in Orlando, Florida with some great friends. To set my scene, I am currently in a scene from The Hangover, bottles lying everywhere and wounded and sleeping bodies scattered all over the house.
Now I realise that my blogs have been somewhat emotional recently (and when I post some more stuff I have on the go it will get worse still), so now that I am back in the metropolitan world, I am going to go back to where I started to cut my teeth with this here blog, a bit of sport.
So think of this as my own ill-informed (especially because I am learning some of this for the first time) opinion on what my sports teams have been up to since I have been gone. (If you don't know my teams read this)
Lets start with the more obscure end to my sporting spectrum, Aussie Rules. When I left it was Essendon who were going well, while the Eagles were going steady, but still a marked improvement on last season. However, I have now come around to see that Essendon have slipped a bit, while the West Coast have barn stormed their way into 4th on the ladder.Hopefully I will have 2 teams in the Finals this year.
The Pirates are going steady with a 60-68 record, which frankly is a miracle! The fact that they have only got that little a margin is such a mass improvement on the usual get rid of all the players on trade deadline. It won't be the playoffs this year but it will be a step very much in the right direction.
Finally to the love of my life, the Boro. All I can say about our start to the season is wow! To be unbeaten 5 games in and to get results against the likes of Leeds and Birmingham is fantastic. Mowbray deserves every bit of praise and I hope he realises how much pride he will inject not only into the town of Middlesbrough, but the people as well.I am sure he of all realises that.
So that's a brief look at my sporting horizon, hopefully I can come back with some more in depth coverage, instead of all this irrelevant, ignorant, ill-informed idiotic drivel. Although that seems to fit in well on here.

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