Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Good Morning Sports Fans!

Now something that I feel is going to feature heavily in this blog is sport. Why? I love it. Simple as that. You know that person who knows about Hamilton Ricard having a spell at Shanghai Shenua or that Carmelo Anthony moving to the New York Kincks even thought he doesn't like basketball. Thats me.
I feel as though I should give you some sort of background as to where my, inevitably, biased sports fan comments will come from.

First of all, my first love, football. This is a game I have watched and played heavily since I was 6 years old. The team I fell for as a lad wasn't Manchester United, Liverpool or Arsenal. It was Middlesbrough. Thats right, I support my local team! I have experienced the highs and, especially more recently, the lows. I honestly believe that I will follow them until I die, no question. However I am not blinkered to just watching Boro, I have been to see some great teams all over the world. I have seen a few classic games from the Vermont Voltage, of the United States Premier Developmental League (the USA's 4th tier), and I was lucky to take in a game from the Hyundai A League, Australia's offering to the table of club football, and a cracking game between Newcastle Jets and Perth Glory! Former Sunderland and Carlisle man, Michael Bridges striking a lovely volley from just inside the box, while a former Boro and Blackburn lad, Andy Todd looked on bewildered. Oh, and Robbie Fowler played.
OK next up, American sports. Yes I am one of those wannabe Americans with there salary caps and trades and nice food, but very fattening, food at stadiums. I like Football, Ice Hockey and Baseball. I don't care much for basketball, I find that if someone is 7'11 and the net is 10', it somewhat defeats the object of the game being classed as 'hard', I think if they capped the height of players to around 5'8 then the game would become all the more interesting. As for my teams, I am a Pittsburgh sports fan. Yes I love the mighty Steelers, and the Penguins! Do not call me a glory fan, I remember Kordell Stewart and Tommy Maddox, and for you hockey fans Kris Beech and Konstantin Koltsov! I am a Pittsburgh fan because I have family there, so if I had a local team it would be then, so I support my local (ish) team! Also I like the Pittsburgh Pirates, I am not ashamed to admit that I like the worst team in professional American sports. A team that hasn't had a winning season (more wins than losses) since 1991, when I was 2 and didn't even know America was a place let alone Baseball existed. I believe that they will get there one day, however maybe not this season.
Finally, I have recently converted to the wonderful world of Australian Rules Football! I have caught the bug after watching the two Grand Finals this season between Collingwood and St.Kilda. Its a game that has everything you would want, big tackles, drama and the occasional fight. Now this is where I find my allegiance torn, I have chosen to follow West Coast Eagles (bottom of the league this year) and Essendon Bombers (third bottom), now you probably have the question why when you saw the two best teams play? If your not asking this you will have probably stopped reading by now, so I will assume you all think this question. Well I worked in Perth for 6 weeks with a West Coast fan, so thought I could have them, but also I was shown Essenden by a mate of mine, they play in red and black, and play in Melbourne a favourite place of mine! So I am stuck with two.
So now you have my allegences, you will understand where my biased rubbish will come from, and you will be able to say, "Ahh that lad is a right idiot"

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