Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Running track or No Running track, that is the question?

Now you may say I am a tad out of date, but I have only set this up today so please leave you're complaints at the door.
The whole Olympic Stadium episode has wound me up in recent weeks.

Now for those of you that don't know, the big debate was about who was going to get the big tax-drawing white elephant that is the Olympic stadium after it has staged the London 2012 extravaganza. It was between Tottenham Hotspur (North London based Premiership side) and West Ham United (East London based Premiership side). Now first of all, the fact that the stadium is in the East end of London, for me, the Hammers should be leading the race anyway, but that wasn't the main issue.
The main issue as chosen by the media was the matter of the running track. Now when we won the bid, apparently we won it on the back that we would keep the stadium to be used for athletics. So as a quick overview, Tottenham wanted to knock the stadium down and build a new one without the running track and refubish another athletics ground somewhere else in London, while West Ham wanted to keep the running track and the stadium but just do some changes to make it more homely.
So a big debate over whether a running track takes away from the atmosphere etc etc. With people popping up saying that its rubbish and that it would never work with the running track.
Now this annoyed me, because frankly this seemed an easy decision, you want to keep your promise and keep the running track, and one team says they will keep the running track, then give the stadium to them. Its not anyones problem if there is a crap atmosphere or not, West Ham want it with a track then let them have it, and if its shit  its there fault.
Luckily common sense prevailed and the bid was given to West Ham, but that certainly annoyed me for quite sometime.
However my thoughts are with Leyton Orient, the true local team to the Olympic stadium, hopefully big bad West Ham won't come and squash their fanbase, that last thing we need is another club going under, especially from something that the tax payers have built.

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