Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pricing Me Out of My Pint.

Late to the party as usual. I have been following the news that the British Government are to be imposing a minimum price on alcohol, and I am not angry, just disappointed.
The price being set is to be 40p per unit of alcohol. Its not totally outrageous, and I can see that it is for the health of those 'dirty', 'vile', and 'disgusting' binge drinkers.
Somebody described this act, as a "tax on responsible drinkers", and in fact I couldn't agree more. Why make people pay more for their cheeky pint in the sunshine or glass of wine with their meal, all because some little fuckwit has a couple more and, due to whatever insecurities they have, stoves somebodies head in.
In fact, I drink a lot, I enjoy it. Yet I have never ever, even in the heaviest of sessions, stabbed, raped, or even so much as hit somebody. So I take exception that I am being royally fucked over for my good behaviour. How about, in protest to the minimum price, I go and smash windows and piss on a memorial statues, and be held up as the poster boy for the fragmentation of the British society, its failing youth and its 'binge drinking culture'. I wouldn't though, because I have a bit of respect.
Yet I feel that binge drinking is not totally to blame for these problems, its people. It always comes down to people. It is a fact of life that you get some people who are friendly, and some people who are arseholes who spoil it for everyone else. Its present in the workplace, in leisure time, and even in some family structures, so why should it be different on a night out. Yes alcohol exaggerates emotions, but lets be honest, most of these pricks would have fights anyway, just because they are bellends.
Also where does it end? This government is already taking away libraries, leisure facilities, youth clubs, and any other thing that helps social progression. Yet there is still a message from Number 10 that people need to rely on themselves in order to get out of the unemployment hole; a hole that many of them didn't put themselves in to begin with. Do all this, which for some people, without books and internet access that libraries provide, or without facilities to keep themselves fit and active, and who knows develop their sporting talent. Now, to take away the pain and hardship they would like a night out on the booze to be away from it all, and the government is pricing them out of that as well.
Mr Cameron said: "I know this won’t be universally popular. But the responsibility of being in government isn’t always about doing the popular thing. It’s about doing the right thing.”
The right thing? Says the man who has been taking £250,000 investors into his tax payer funded home and have a drink, chat and maybe a bit of change in policy. Is that the right thing? Is it fuck.
How about I stump up £250,000 and ask him to see if he can revise his minimum price on alcohol. Whats my minimum price? Free. Then I would tell him to do what Tories do best. Fuck off and leave me alone.

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