Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Happy Birthday Idiot!

Today is the first birthday of Irrelevant Idiot! It started on the 22nd February 2011, after being bored and a little disillusioned, and constantly seeing a blog that I thought was shit and that I could do better. Also it took a little prompting from Big Dave.
Anyway from that starting point the blog has amassed 1659 page views and has 64 (this being number 65) posts, chronicling everything from sporting dilemmas, drink soaked nights, my fight to secure a job, to general philosophical life points.
I now have regular followers in the UK and USA, these people are my friends granted, but still this is something of which I am proud because if they didn't like it they wouldn't read it.
Genuinely, despite the obvious cliche, I didn't think this would last more than  a few weeks, yet it has become one of my most important possessions. I think has changed my writing style from that of a somewhat writing to keep people happy and structurally rigid style to my own style where I can let my personality and emotions, whether that be angry or jovial, come through, or at least I hope so.
It has definitely changed the way I think. I am someone who generally gets bother by things, but rather than being annoyed and complaining about it, which I still do from time to time, it becomes one of these blogs, so hopefully out of my annoyance somebody finds entertainment.
It has also pushed me to start writing other blogs, such as HeySportsBlog, my ill-fated attempt at a travel blog, The Travel Tavern, and the opportunity to collaborate and push friends blogs such as Big Dave and Chris Burton. If you are a link clicker, check those last two out, they are great!
So although my numbers are fairly small, I am still immensely proud of this. Yes I am not challenging top bloggers or being talked about in Guardian Media pages, but I like it that way, I am somehow underground, on my own, getting on with what I want, and hopefully somebody is having a bit of a laugh about it.
So if you do read this, or have ever read this, thank you very much. I genuinely mean that, because without someone reading there is no point writing.
Most importantly, through this I found my love of writing again! After almost losing a grasp on it all together, I now write most of the time, whether its on here or other blogs, or even my attempt at achieving a life long ambition of publishing a book, it all sparked because of this.
Also, and I realise that any other attempt I have made at social interaction on this page has left  me with egg on my face so why would this be any different? Feel free to comment on what your favourite post is, or why you read here, or even just to throw a bit of friendly abuse my way (but mostly the other two if you can)
So once again, thanks. I will continue with this and hopefully it will continue to grow, and who knows maybe this time next year I will be in a job I like, or at least not complaining as much.
Sorry for being a bit soppy, but this has been very important to me. Anyway here's to another year of irrelevant, ignorant, ill-informed idiotic drivel. Thanks for reading!

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