Thursday, 26 January 2012

Talking about Teams

So I was round my mate Dave's house last night, watching football and generally talking about sports. During the course of this conversation, and after watching a tremendous string of saves by Joe Hart, we went back to conversation we were having over Facebook about a week or so earlier; picking teams.
Now as you all know I follow a number of teams in a number of sports. (If you need a reminder click here) I had, possibly rather forced, Dave to pick teams in each of the sports I follow.
This got me onto thinking how people pick sports teams. All mine have fairly noble reasons, such as local teams, family links, and cities that I have enjoyed or worked in. However my friend Rooksie picked his American football team, New England Patriots, because they won the first ever game he watched (Super Bowl XXXIX against Philadelphia Eagles), and my mate Ste picked his NFL team, New York Giants, because that's who his Madden character was drafted by, a very random pick indeed, and one that could have gone badly wrong, like being picked by Cleveland Browns.
However Dave really thought outside of the box when it came to his picks. We set rules. He couldn't have the same team as me, as he felt that the rivalry would annoy me and keep him more interested. Also as the pattern developed he liked the idea of all the nicknames being birds.
So we started off with Aussie Rules, which was already a formality for him. Adelaide Crows he choose, because Harold and Marge Bishop's foster son Paul McClain left Ramsey Street (from Aussie soap Neighbours) to go to play for the Crows.
Next we went onto the NFL. Now as this was a few weeks ago he decided to pick one of the last four teams left, so Patriots, Ravens, Giants and 49ers. I knew Dave's tastes and sold him Baltimore Ravens by mentioning, they play in purple, their linebacker could've been in prison, and they are named after a Edgar Allen Poe story. He loved it, so is now part of the Raven nation.
Next we went for ice hockey, sticking with our bird theme, Dave had noticed Chicago Blackhawks jerseys before, from Waynes World in the scene where they are playing hockey in the street. "Car, Game On!"
Now to baseball, and we hit a road block. Dave didn't like any of the bird names being offered. So he went for the Milwaukee Brewers. He likes beer, so it was a good fit.
Finally to complete our onslaught on American sports we went for basketball. Now I am not the biggest basketball fan, but when pressed I always say Minnesota Timberwolves. I pushed for Dave to be an Atlanta Hawks fan, it was a bird, and it was also it is on the hat worn by Burt Gummer (of Tremors fame). Yet Dave, deep in his subconscious, already had a team from his days playing NBA on the Sega Megadrive; Boston Celtics. So we were now complete.
Yet, to make the experiment fairer we elected to both pick a team in a sport. Out of all the sports in the world, the one that caught our eye was Lingerie Football! Girls in underwear playing American Football. Genius. Now I would like to say that we spent loads of time, looking at teams, linking them to our lives, but we didn't. Football was on, so we just picked teams based on names. Dave liked Orlando Fantasy. I went with Las Vegas Sin.
So in conclusion, it doesn't matter how odd the reason it is, as long as you have a team, its just more fun that way.
On a side note, Dave writes and it is hilarious. Have a read when you get chance.

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  1. for years i let american football totally pass me by. now i'm not saying i'm going to get massively into it but i happened to catch the ravens patriots game the other night and genuinely became engrossed just because we had chosen the ravens for me. i really dont think i'd have noticed it if i didnt have a team. this really works :D