Monday, 9 May 2011

Which One Should It Be?

A question crossed my mind, a question thats become a problem. Not a major problem, in fact some wouldn't even call it a problem in my own life, but it bothered me.
It wasn't an issue until last weekend. The problem (as you may be aware if you read this) is I follow 2 Aussie Rules teams. This was never a problem until last week when they played each other, and one of them won.
As you know (if not have a read here) this is my first full season following Aussie Rules; after seeing the light and being treated to 2 fantastic Grand Final experiences last year.
Up to know I was happy following both teams and being happy if one won, or being sad if they lost. Last week was the first time I have experienced my 2 teams, Essendon Bombers and West Coast Eagles, play each other. If you are bothered, Essendon won 106-90, and I felt a sense of confusion. So I have rather hastily decided (due to the fact that it made a decent subject for a blog) to narrow my allegiance, much like the Highlander, to 1.
Now I feel that I should explain why I am drawn to them 2 teams, starting with West Coast.
The Eagles are based in Perth, Western Australia, a place that I had the delight to live and work in for 6 weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and stayed with some really great people. From this I decided that I should, somehow, nail my colours to their mast and the way I thought best to that would be to follow their AFL team. I bought their guernsey (shirt) and wear it when I watch any game. My only issue as it seems that ESPN (the current providers of AFL coverage in the UK and part of my minor rant here) refuse to show them over here, I don't know the reason, unpopular team, bad time difference, who knows?
Now to the Bombers, Essendon is based in Melbourne, now amongst the places I visited in Australia, I loved my 5 days in Melbourne. Its a city that I would fit in really well and would love to live there. It is also the home of Aussie Rules. They actually get shown over here (I have watched them twice this season, got beat both times). Also they play in red and black, my 2 favourite colours. They share the nickname with my once local ice hockey team. So I am naturally drawn to support them. They were also suggested to me by a really good mate out there as well. I also own a scarf. On a side note which fan merchandise is more important? Scarf or shirt? Maybe a question for another time.
Now I cannot bring myself to comfortably tear myself away from either one. They both mean something to me (not just plucked at random), so I feel the best way is to open myself up to some good old fashioned peer pressure. This will probably back fire, considering I can count the amount of comments I have had on one hand, but I am opening it up to the floor. You have read my reasons, who do you think I should go for? Shot a comment below and I will probably be swayed by your opinion. Like a sheep.

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  1. for me it seems like a natural decision, you were drawn to support essendon whereas you decided to support west coast. if you were living in perth permanantly, it might be different, as you would be surrounded by them, people who supported them and be immersed in what was going on with the club but you are not so for me it seems natural to go with the team you were drawn to!