Friday, 11 March 2011

London? No, thanks NFL!

Now today, on the day that the NFL's players decide whether they are going to strike because they are not getting paid more millions by their billionnairre employers, like its the worst thing in the world, all the while there is high unemployment, political uprisings in the Middle East and a Tsunami has hit Japan!
So I have decided not to give an opinion on that, given that it is all childish, and I feel I don't know enough to comment. I have decided to get down from my moral high horse and talk about a subject equally frivilous and NFL related. The age old London franchise debate.

Ever since the games at Wembley went so well, the NFL pops up, when asked by Sky Sport's incredible NFL team of Kevin Cadle and Nick Halling, and says we are looking at getting an NFL franchise in London, expecting everyone to go "Aww mint, like a proper team we can support and that!"
I for one say "No! Thanks for the offer but I am alright ta."
You see first of all, although in American terms it is, London is not local to me. I am a huge NFL fan, but I can't afford to travel 6 hours to London, possibly stay over night, and my tickets and food etc, every other week to watch an NFL team.
Also how is it fair on the teams that get the London team in their schedule to travel over? I have been lucky enough to travel to America a number of times, and, although I am not an athlete, I don't feel fit enough to play a game of monopoly let alone a full on American football game. So then you time it with bye weeks, but then that cause a huge amount of scheduling problems.Wouldn't it take the shine off the players to come and play over here if they did it every season.
Also is the NFL forgetting about the origninal London team, London Monarchs? The team flew out of the traps in the World League of American Football, winning the World Bowl in its first year (1991), yet in 1998 the team folded. (Thanks to wikipedia!) Shows there was a great longevity and support for that team, they were even outlasted by rival team, Scottish Claymores!
Finally though my reason is, I am a Steelers fan! I seem to get this impression from other NFL followers, many of us have followed the game for a while now, and have picked an American team, for whatever reason, and then it is expected that we will all revert to the London team. Well I wouldn't, I would be loyal to the team I have had all these years. I go to the London game once a year, and that wouldn't change if there was a London team because all I would be using it for was to see the Steelers, and I would travel there in my black and gold and enjoy it! I have gone to 2 Wembley games and the main thing that made it extra special for me (apart from my mates and the beer) was the chance to experience a real NFL game with other like minded fans, a real festival of American Football if you will.
Now I can't help but feel that would be taken away, if they were there every week.

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