Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Don't I feel stupid?

Well yes I do. All brought on by a test. A minor competancy test. Yet it left me drowning in my own stupidity.

The test I was talking about was a competancy test that I applied for to try and get a travel agent apprentice job. It was set out as a straight out literacy, numeracy and self exam. The bit I was least looking forward to the self assessment. I have never passed them yet in my quest to get off the dole, and get out of the 30% of 16-24 year-olds that are currently unemployed in my area.
On a side note, the quest is a long and continuing one. Also a ultimately disheartening one. It seems to be all the effort from your side. You spend hours filling in applications, doing tests etc. Yet you don't here anything from the employers you apply to. Not even a "sorry but you are not good enough" letter. Any employer reading this, reply to your applications, just an email will do, but it feels so much better than to be simply ignored.
Anyway to my stupidity. The aspect of the test that I struggled most on is numeracy. I have never been good at maths, ever. However I thought "ah it will be just a bit of adding and that." Apparently to be a travel agent you need to work out how much paint and wallpaper for a room and the area of a scalene traingle. I realised I may end up working on a holiday resort. I didn't think I would be building the bastard thing.
Anyway with help from my Mum and sister I got through it, but not after feeling like a total idiot. You may find this hard to believe considering some of the pure tosh I write on here, but I have a degree! Yet I can't do basic maths. To quote the current internet fad, 'epic fail'.

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