Monday, 8 April 2013


I really don't know why I am writing this. I totally realise that I will no doubt get lost in the noise that the media and bloggers are making today asking the why or where fors about her death. However, as someone who is short of inspiration recently, I feel the urge to voice my opinion.
I have read fairly extensively today about peoples views on this, including those who believe that being born in 1989 means that I lack an opinion that deserves to be taken seriously.
Yet although I was 1 year old when she left number 10, I have lived in area that has struggled in her legacy.
Now how do I feel that she has gone? I feel nothing.
I am not in the business to throw a party or toast my glass to an 87 year old woman who has died or a stroke. Yet at the same time, I think that to feel sympathetic towards a woman who brought destruction and poverty to countless of communities in this country, including my home area, is difficult to feel in the least.
I read a couple of interesting points today amongst the arguments and the blogs of hate/admiration for the lady.
One was a tweet which says that the thing that needs to be the most important in the reporting of this is the need for balance. A fitting tribute to a politician but a complete acknowledgement of the mistakes and catastrophes made in her name. One that may get lost in the noise.
Also a blog mentioned that this situation is fairly unique in its form. Thatcher is not the pantomime hate figure. Thatcher as a hate figure is very real. It has real examples and a real effect on the landscape of this country and the lives of the people who inhabit it.
I feel the effects are still being seen today. Myself, as a proud Teessider, have seen the effects that the decimation of industrial areas on my own life. I have spent over a year unemployed, and I have had to leave the area in which I grew up and have friends and family to relocate in order to secure a career and a future. This is only minor compared to some of my friends who have examples of even more direct repressive effects of her reign. This downfall started with her, and then was never picked up by any successive government who came after. This is without apology or remorse.
Yet, I feel nothing. I am not happy or sad. I feel apathy. She maybe doesn't deserve sympathy, but also as a human, doesn't deserve ridicule.
So whether she is remembered as the Iron Lady, the Milk Snatcher or the Witch. She will be remembered, and it will continue to split people in two.

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