Monday, 11 March 2013

Renewing my licence

Hello, remember me? I haven't been around for ages. Well its been quite a long time since I have actually been settled. I have been living in Birmingham now for just over a month now. Wow is everything so shiny and new. The one thing that I have neglected in achieving the job I wanted, is the writing that got me here, this blog and my dumbfounded ambition to write a novel. I need to renew my licence.
Its an interesting thing inspiration. With it you can conquer the artistic world with aplomb, you can literally pull its pants down and expose its giblets. Yet without it you are nothing, in fact, in my case a hypocrite 'writer' without anything more than a couple of silly titbits published in flaky publications and without anything of real substance.
The other thing I am struggling to comprehend is that in this current phase of my life there should be so much that inspires me. New city, new job, new people, new surroundings. Yet my heart hasn't flickered toward here the same as it used to.
This needs to change.
This was a major part of me, my identity, and at some occasions my life source. Why isn't it now?
Do I like the status of being a 'blogger' or 'writer'? (Terms I hate to call myself out loud) Yes I do, but I know deep down that I am going to end up a hypocrite, or worse a shouldadone (Someone who should've done it) and that would be a major regret of mine.
So starting here from these words, I am wiping the sleep from my eyes and doing more with my writing. Because before I know it I will be close to death thinking, why did I never get that book done.
So here I am renewing my licence, and hopefully this time it will remain valid.

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