Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Battered in Blandford

So, as you know that I try my best to keep this blog reflective, and not just me chirping on about  being hammered, unless its totally necessary. (Like here, here, here and most definately here) Yet I feel like this is one of them times. I was let into a new world last weekend, a very fuzzy world, but that of a small town with friendly faces, and more than a few beers.
Now in all fairness, I had come up with the idea to visit Blandford on a bit of whim. I was on the phone to a good friend of mine, Emily (who was the savior in this episode from a few months ago). I had realised that I had a weekend off work, and no Boro match to attend, so why not see what she was doing and pop down for a visit. Luckily, she was going to be back, and the added bonus of Dan Wale (met previously in the link above) would be home as well. Perfect timing! So trains were booked and off I went.
I must admit, I had my apprehensions about going down. First reason is that I would describe my experiences of meeting people is like that of bungee jumping, shit myself before and during, but feel quite happy I did it afterwards. My command of a crowd was never really the best. I also never quite realise that when I go to meet friends, I will probably have to meet their mates as well, this always worries me at the last minute. Secondly, as it turned out I had the potential for the Ultimate Sports Day II (The original is here) what with the Boro playing Sunderland and the Royal Rumble kicking off on Sunday.
Yet I got there, and felt immediately comfortable, that would be because we went to the pub! My reliance on the pub for social interaction frightens me, why do I feel so comfortable in a place that sells booze?
Whist in the pub, I saw Dan, who's face was swollen up after an incident with a 'midget' knocking him down in Bournemouth the night before. I also met Emily's boyfriend Will, and housemate Welsh Dave, both turned out to be top blokes.
So anyway to the point I wanted to make, after having a drink in Salisbury, we found our way (in my case while bursting for a piss) to Blandford. Now Blandford, until I met Emily, was a place I had never heard of. A small town in Dorset. Genuinely I had no idea what to expect, apart from we end up in Tiffanys at some point (I had heard so much about Tiff's) . So we got down to the important business of drinking! Genuinely I stayed in a state of unassuming happy drunk for the entire weekend, I could probably have stayed like that my entire life.
There was quite some stories along the way. We crashed some girls birthday party. (Someone I don't remember meeting) Welsh Dave marched over to her to ask for the buffet, for which from the lack of her amusement, there wasn't one. I apparently dropped 'The Shark', a dance moved I developed in the States (and is now being nicked by Gracie off Take Me Out!) which surprises me as I am normally reluctant to drop that on my own in a room full of people I have barely met. I hope it went down a treat.
I also remember stumbling about in Tiff's which can best described as a charming dive of a place. In other words, its a bit shit but you kind of like it anyway. Apparently I got talking to some lad while trying to find the toilets, which is still a mystery to me if I ever found. There is also a picture of me stood in  a place, I don't remember going!
Suddenly I am getting in the back of some bellends car, trying to rip his child's car seat out the back, before sacking it off and sitting in it, to get back to the house to finish my Stella. Which I did, with late night drunken chats, which if anyone could fill me in on that would be great?
Sunday I was woken on the sofa in front of the telly, ready for the Boro game. (I had made it a condition of my visit) I cracked open a beer and got involved in the game. Maybe to involved? To the point where I forgot where I was and leaped off my seat when Barry Robson put us 1-0 up, only to realise that I wasn't at the Riverside and in Blandford; and everyone was looking at me.
After a Chinese and a trip to the pub, we returned back to find that communication problems had a occured between a girl and Emily's Mum. I am not going to go into it, because I don't feel its my place, and I don't really remember that much, because I was pissed.What I did gather from it all, is how everyone is in each others pocket, everyone knows everyone's business. Now I am not going to judge whether this is right or wrong, however it isn't what I am used to. We are friendly people up here, but we don't seem to know or want to know other peoples business, a sense of privacy is always implied. However, I have always wondered what it would be like to be in that situation, and I got a little taster there.
Honestly I could probably go in to more stories, yet I was in a state of hazy intoxication that my memory hasn't served me to its full potential. However, what I did know is that the welcome that I received from Emily's family Sharon, Geffen, CJ, MJ, Charlie and friends, Welsh Dave, Dan, Will, Jason, Bryony, those ones I apparently met but genuinely can't even remember their faces, was fantastic! (Not the bellend who give me a lift home though, he was an arsehole) I couldn't have asked for a better weekend, I could have asked to remember a bit more, but that's my fault, not theirs.
I felt a come down as the bus was leaving Bristol, I didn't want to leave. The characters were fantastic, and the drink was flowing. I can only hope that this blog goes some way to doing it justice. I also hope I made an impression, because they certainly made an impression on me; and for that I thank you!

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