Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The People Problem

So this has been a blog that I have been wanting to write for a while. It is a phenomenon that I have always known was there, but yet it has never quite annoyed me as much as it does today. The fact that people, as a group, are as coherent and intelligent as a cabbage.
However, before I start, the question I have posed myself just recently is why has this blog become me complaining about stuff? Is it because I am becoming more cynical as I get older? Is it the fact that I am using this as a stress reliever? Am I just a miserable bastard? Probably, all true, but it seems that my roots as happy go lucky sports blogger are fading and my days as a cynical and obvious-stating commentator on this shit bit of rock that we inhabit are becoming more prevalent. A return to happy times soon; maybe.
Anyway to my point, people are idiots. Not individuals, individuals can be intellectual, witty and all round likable humans. I have a lot of individuals who are friends; honest. Yet you put individuals in a group, a group that I will call 'people', and they become a pack of dribbling brain-dead cretins who, it quite frankly, baffles me that we ever got to the top of the food chain, or the top of anything for that matter.
In my current line of work, as a customer assistant at a popular high street chain, I have to deal with people on a consistent basis. Very occasionally, I will find somebody charming and friendly, but most of the time I deal with morons.
For example, I was told the other day, while serving at a till "I know you are a member of the species, but you can't shop." I am sorry what? The last I knew I wasn't shopping, you were, so surely my genders ability of shopping doesn't matter, you sexist tit.
Another example, the other day I watched a woman walk into a shelf of wine. She didn't back into it, she walked, in the direction her eyes were facing, and knocked over 6 bottles of wine.
I was working over Christmas, and I actually saw a fight break out over a packet of bread sauce. Really? Are these people educated? I envy their lives if the biggest problem they have is the fact that somebody beat them to some bread sauce. Actually, I don't envy them, because if I got that annoyed by bread sauce I would have more issues than I do now. In fact, what is bread sauce? It sounds shite.
Also, while trying to work filling the shelves with their bread sauce and humus, I often have to push a cage full of food to get it out. You can't miss me, its huge! Yet, people will stop to chat in the middle of the aisle with their trolleys blocking up the rest, and when I ask, in the politest tone I can muster for these bellends, I get a condescending look as if me and my cage were being rude by interrupting their conversation. I sometimes feel if I am going to get that look I might as well get my moneys worth and say "Ere, dickhead, move your fucking trolley, your blocking the aisle, yer mong!"
As you watch crowds move and the slow walking people stopping at random intervals, which makes me want to hit them in the back of the head, you can almost hear the 'moos' and 'baas' of the herd. Finally, people's inability to use a card machine which you simply place your card in and read instructions, is beyond me.
I think what I am essentially saying is it doesn't have to be that way. Where are those individuals who wrote novels, built bridges, created the internet and put a man on the moon? Yet these achievements seem almost beyond the moronic cretinous race that I see pass through life these days, a race I am a part of.
A quote that pretty much sums all of this up for me is from my mate Dave, who said "Individuals are interesting, people are idiots." I couldn't agree more.

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