Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hate Figure

Hate is a strong word I know. However it is a phenomenon that I have experienced as a sports fan. I am unsure if it is common, or just something I do. Yet, I have levels of hatred for all sportspeople, I just need to find which pigeon hole they fit into.
So as I have just explained I have levels of hate. I also have levels of fondness which goes from don't mind, to like, to love, to legend! However, very few pass through those halls up to legend, in fact I have only three Juninho, Jerome Bettis, and Jan Aage Fjortoft. Juninho and Bettis for services to Middlesbrough and Pittsburgh, and Fjortoft for being the player that introduced my young eyes to the archetypal target man, my favourite type of footballer.
Anyway to the levels of hate that I feel developing. First level is positioned for most players from an opposition; indifference. This is for players who haven't done anything to annoy me, except they are on the other team, so I can't 'like' them.
Next level is annoying. These are reserved for players such as Robbie Savage, Craig Bellamy, and former Detroit Red Wings goaltender Chris Osgood, this is because they may get plaudits that I feel are falsely earned, or in Bellamy's case, just a bit of a bellend.
Once your lift yourself out of that, you reach dislike, these are reserved for players such as Lee Cattermole, Joey Barton and Collingwood Magpies player Alan Didak, this is usually reserved for people who either have really pissed me off or hold a huge status within a team that I don't like. (Teams I do/don't like can be explained here.)
Anyway, to the final group, hate. Blood-boiling, unavoidable, intentionally hurting them hatred. This is reserved for Tom Brady, Alan Shearer, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, and one more which I will explain in a bit. These people make my skin crawl and generally ruin my day every time they are on or complimented. True hate of the purest form.
Now why I have explained this? (and thank you for sticking with me until this point) Well a couple of weeks ago (sorry about my inability to be contemporaneous at the moment, I am busy) I was watching the AFC Wild Card play off game between Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers. For those of you that don't Steelers lost the game in over-time because Big Ben was injured, excuses and more excuses. Anyway in that game featured Denver Quarterback Tim Tebow, who managed to have a meteoric rise from annoying to hate in the space of one game.
He started off being annoying because, I don't think he is that good, but was getting a lot of hype and wins. During the space of the game, the coverage's Tebow loving slant, and awful use of the phrase 'Tebow time' (Only wrestlers should have gimmicks like that) brought him up to dislike. Then he produced a ridiculous play to win the game and did his whole one knee preying to Jesus, and this God-bothering bastard claimed a seat right next to Shearer on the hate level.
Look Tim, I don't mind that you are religious, I don't mind that you have every once of luck in the world and I have very little. What I do mind is you waving your religion in my face like shit on stick or a deformed cock.
He reached the level that I was happy to see Tom Brady cane him and his team the next week.
The worrying thing is that I am almost applying these levels to my everyday life, however, I am lucky enough to only surround my people who are more in the like list, but as my growing disdain for people in general (Have a look at this blog for proof) then I may be doing a follow up naming and shaming the pricks that have  made the hate levels.
Until then, keep your head down and keep smiling!

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