Tuesday, 20 December 2011

That Festive Failure Feeling

Its Christmas week! Merry Christmas! Anyway enough of the pleasantries. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of the Christmas spirit, or maybe I am just not getting the 'message'?
First thing, I must stress is I do not hate Christmas. I actually really do enjoy this time of year. I think that it is fantastic that there is a time of the year that is set aside for people to see family and friends, to have time off from work, and to return home if they are in far flung places.
I also enjoy the eating and drinking to excess, and the general fun that people want to have at this time of the year.
However I feel this all could be done without crap music, films with 'Christmas messages', and flashing lights. I don't know why at this time of there year people seem free to accept a level of dross that is deemed acceptable at this time of the year. Now not all Christmas songs are bad, I don't mind, and even, dare I say it, like some. I heard a song yesterday while around and about called 'Dominic the Donkey'. If you want to hear it, youtube it, but I refuse to provide a link. This song is childlike and idiotic in the highest order, a song that even if I was still a child it would disgust me. Yet, this was being pushed by Radio 1, one of the UK's biggest radio stations, but maybe this just goes to show the moronic demographic of its listeners. Interestingly my friends Dave and Chris do like Christmas songs and have written about their top tunes (Link)
Also films with Christmas messages, a 90 minute festival promoting all the virtues of giving, kindness and happiness. Well, basically, Christmas virtues seem to be greed, laziness, and living to excess, but that's not a message people want to promote. Now, why do I have to feel like I have to watch these films in order to 'feel good'?
That's another thing, everybody seems to push people to 'feel' a certain way, whether its feel good or the word that only comes up at this time of year, 'festive'. I will feel what I want, I don't want to feel pushed to feel good if I am not. No wonder the suicide rate goes up at Christmas, I bet it feels wonderful to be bombarded with pictures and messages of people feeling great when you are depressed.
Finally, why do we need to decorate our houses, shops and places of work with tinsel, flashing multi-coloured lights, and a tree. Its a level of tackiness that surpasses most things I have seen, and I have been to Blackpool and Las Vegas. Yet unlike Vegas or Blackpool, people don't complain about Christmas decorations as if they are something to be embarrassed about, but if your house was flashing brightly into the night, showing depictions of icicles and a fat burglar, borderline paedo, climbing down your chimney, people would most definitely complain.
My most over-riding hatred of it all is, if I don't like this stuff, I am being miserable. As I said before, I like Christmas! I have a lot of time for it. Yet I can take it for what it is, a time to have fun and see family and friends! Maybe I am miserable, or maybe I just don't need a flashing sign saying 'Feel Good!!' to have a good time.

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