Thursday, 3 November 2011

Solitary and the Writer's Block

Now I realise that I have barely blogged since my NFL Wembley escapade the other week, that is because of a number of reasons in what has been a bit of a rollercoaster time the last week or so. Also just want to mention that this puts me over 50 blogs! I might go out and buy a few beers when I make 100!!

First of all I spent the weekend in a form of solitary confinement or house arrest. I wasn't naughty or grounded (I am 22, grounding doesn't work). I just had no money. Also what was worse is that I would normally amuse myself with the internet and the weekend's sporting endeavours. This particular weekend, not only was I stuck in the house but I was without internet or TV because of decorating.
I hate decorating, I have never enjoyed the hassle of it all, and I dread it every time it comes around. I normally find something to do, make myself scarce, but with my lack of funds I was stuck in the thick of it.
Now I did try to help, but I am useless, always have been terrible at anything to do with the initials DIY. So thank the lord for Football Manager 2010 and the combined experiences of managing Millwall, Crewe Alexandra and AFC Wimbledon (as you can tell I have had quite a rough ride, its not my fault, its the boards) for preventing me from possible self harm!
I am not going to say the cliche 'It makes you appreciate the things you have when you don't have them' but it does. I did use the time reasonably constructively. I got a job at a popular high street chain over the Christmas period, but that doesn't start until the end of November, so I am still skint. I also came up with the 3 plans as to how my life is going to go job wise, which I am not going to go on about on here, but if you are interested, just ask and I will let you know. So I am happy with these achievements.
The thing that has worried me, is that even if I had had all my blogging tools, I wouldn't have written anything, I have had a touch of writer's block.
It's not that I don't want to write, I am always thinking of stuff to write on these things, just sometimes I forget them, last night I remembered a blog I wanted to write 6 months ago (its coming soon). It is just that when it came to doing it, it felt uncomfortable. I have no idea why, and I hope I am coming to the other side of it. I have bits and bobs of writing that I could have got on with, even without the internet, but I just didn't and that annoyed me a tad.
It isn't that I didn't write at all, I only wrote once, my Doritos Challenge blog, because of the deadline that I set myself (if you want to follow those blogs have a look here) Maybe I should set more deadlines to drive me?
So I realise this had no real point (my stuff rarely does) but if you got this far, cheers, this is more an exercise in getting me back to writing again. I think its worked. I certainly hope so!

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