Saturday, 27 August 2011

Stupidity is in the Eye of the Beholder

I am, at times, totally useless. I freely admit this often. However sometimes you catch yourself being totally inept at simple everyday tasks and you have to take a step back and say "Wow how can I be this thick?"
Now of course I have a history of being stupid in many a situation, an example written here. I am sure many of my friends could vouch for my fits of the idiot syndrome. Some find it annoying, some find it endearing and most find it amusing.
The case in point. Today alone, I have struggled to use a dishwasher, I have lost my phone, not once, not twice but three times, and I have asked questions such as "Whats the difference between Mexican rice and other rice?" to which the answer is "It's from Mexico" and "Which episode is the next episode?" After clearly knowing that we had just watched episode 5. This is just a taster of my dumbness and putting my foot in it comments that I have been struggling with over the last week.
Now I have been drinking an awful lot recently, I am on holiday what can I say? Many of us also know, and can certainly tell stories, of stupidity caused by an excess of alcohol in the blood stream. However what is worrying me is that many of these inane acts of ineptitude have come from being stone cold sober.
Could it be a change of scenery that has knocked me out of sorts? Possibly not, if you struggle every time you change places then you would never leave the confines of your own home.
Now there is a thin line between being stupid and being made to feel stupid. Making someone feel stupid is something I have occasionally done but would certainly not encourage it. There is nothing more undignified than when you intelligence is questioned, whether that be pointing out an unintelligent act or thought, or especially in the way in which somebody talks to you. I have had a couple of bosses who have done this and its something I really hate. However, I certainly haven't been made to feel stupid in my week or so of being a knob, and if I have it has been meant has pure banter.So the worrying thing is the fact that I am noticing my own stupidity.
Ignorance is bliss is a term that totally hits the nail on the head when it comes to noticing your dumb acts. If you don't notice you drift through life on a breeze, without noticing your wake of destruction. However noticing your own stupidity causes embarrassment and eventually loathing, whether that be in front of a group or even on your own.
I will snap out of it, I will gain some more confidence in my ability to complete every day tasks, but I still have to ride the storm  (By the way I watched a storm today, fantastic! I love watching storms, the way the weather acts with the inanimate objects that it passes through and how it can entice fear into even the strongest of humans, truly fascinating, and I have wanted to write that all day, hence me shoehorning it into this) of stupidity until it passes, with its awkward moments and sighs of disappointment, and brings forth the sunshine of sanity and sobriety.
I may see myself as the irrelevant idiot through this blog, but it is not a character I like to take on in real life.
In other news, Boro drew 1-1 with Coventry today! In what I heard was somewhat lack-lustre performance, they still scraped together a draw. Certainly a game we would have lost a year ago, so all hail Mogga and his miracle hands!

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