Thursday, 25 August 2011

Life, Love and Loathing Letters - Travel

The second of the three letters. This little number was written for my good friend Emily, and it is my thoughts on something that we both experienced and was what made us cross paths in the first place. So have a little look and hopefully enjoy!

Well this is my attempt of summing up, in a side, one of the most complex and strangely enlightening  experiences that any one person can go through; the camp experience.
I am currently on COD, so that brings me to my first point; camp loves an acronym. If it’s not COD, it’s DOD, or PDA, or CDOS. There seems to be an acronym for everything and anything and if it doesn’t fit, they will make one fit.
Next would be kids. The little bastards get stuck in places where are fart couldn’t in this place. Frankly though they are the reason we are employed here, and you’re ability to have fun is essential. Even, like with many of us, you would question whether we should be allowed near kids, the reason we are is because we are funny and spontaneous, and those who are not stick out like a sore thumb.
Quotations are what makes this place tick for me. “This is not as big as I was led to believe,” (Diane) “It’s not rape if she deserves it,” (Tom Luke) and “Sam, I love you but I am not going to let you kiss me on the face.” (Caroline Brown) are some of the greatest one-liners that I have ever heard, and they are just some of the countless of quotes from throughout the years.
Camp loves a bit of controversy. If it’s someone saying something they shouldn’t or not doing their job right, all the way through to someone unjustly getting the bullet, there seems to always be something to have a quiet word about; even if it’s just to whine and moan about the old battle between senior staff and counsellors.
Now for the good stuff; sex is a constant topic of conversation here. It’s there from the childish joke, to the determined effort to hook up with someone. For me, even the strive to find out who hooked up the night before is fun, but that’s because I am a dirty journo. Sex is part of the memories, whether you get it or you didn’t, you always have a cracking story to tell.
Drinking is the other fundamental. Everyone loves a drink! It’s the one thing that brings us all together, but it also opens us out. I know if it wasn’t for the drink I would have struggled to find friends here in the early years. As we already know though, it has the ability to make us a little bit naughty. If you like more than a few cheeky beverages, you will be welcomed open-armed into the camp family.
However the most important part of this experience is the people. The ability to live and make life-long friends with people from across the world, or even just the other end of the country, is not to be sniffed at. It is true that you make those friends here and some never leave you. Also those people’s ability to make you feel loved, just like you made me feel with your picture, is a truly uplifting and unforgettable feeling. For that, and the others who talked and cared, I thank you and love you lots.
So our little camp bubble can be daft; it has the highest highs and the lowest lows, but I wouldn’t change the people on that rollercoaster with me for the world. I hope this hasn’t wasted you’re time, but I for one am glad you are with us on our ride this summer.  

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